Two Tiger Acupuncture provides individualized healthcare specializing
in digestive disorders, physical injuries, women’s health, fertility and labor prepration.


Using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tuina (Chinese medical massage), qigong (Chinese health exercises), Chinese medicine can treat a wide variety of ailments. The strength of the medicine is rooted in using natural substances to bolster and stimualte the body’s own healing mechanisms. Chinese medicine is minimally invasive and proven over thousands of years to be safe and effective. It also combines excellently with other modalities of medicine.


Childbirth is an amazing experience that is extremely draining and difficult on the mother. Two Tiger Acupuncture supports mothers from conception to delivery and beyond. We offer comprehensive fertility treatments. We help mothers with a history of miscarriage to bring their children to term. We help prepare moms for labor by boosting their energy reserves and helping to position the baby correctly. And we help moms during labor through doula services.

and Classes

Education is the keystone in supporting healthy living practices. We teach qigong (Chinese health exercises) and bagua zhang (a Chinese internal martial art) that help students to cultivate health on a daily basis. By becoming in tune with our bodies we are able to regulate our immune systems and make them more efficient. We also periodically teach classes in a variety of Chinese medicine topics ranging from injury medicine, herbal product production, and tui na (medical massage).


Couples Acupressure for Labor Support
Tools to Manage Pain Throughout Labor

This short workshop guides couples through acupressure points and techniques to support labor from beginning to end. We will review the stages of labor, what to expect, and how to best support moms during this extremely special process. As a hands-on class, it is limited to people who are 37 weeks or later in their pregnancy. Many topics discussed and much of the hands on practice includes points used for initiating labor, strengthening contractions, and reducing pain. Even though we don't expect this class to send you into labor, it is important for moms and babies to be at term for everyone's safety and greatest wellness.

December 16, 2017 2:30 to 4:30 pm

@ The Birth Center of Boulder - Boulder

Taught by Tuesday Wasserman


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